at umba, we’re breaking new ground - which means we’re part of a financial revolution in emerging markets - traditional banking doesn’t work - move over for the next generation of financial services


Opportunity in your pocket

With umba, we have recognized that traditional banks can’t serve the majority of emerging markets. With no formal credit score many people have an inability to raise credit - until now. We are committed to help the people the banks ignore.


Serving the underserved

We use smartphone data to risk model users. With smartphone penetration growing rapidly in emerging markets due to the cheap availability of devices it has create a new opportunity for the worlds unbanked to move towards safe, formal sources of credit.


Creating a path to progress

umba is building the next generation of digital banking which puts the customer at the centre of everything we do. Our dedicated customer care team attempt to guide all users through our system and help them unlock their pocket potential.


Scalable finance for the next billion customers

“Easy to use and helpful. A great and truthful app. It can lift the young businesses to the limit.“

– S Samwely