partner with umba and transaction volumes increase

umba is working with payment gateways in emerging markets helping them to realize the benefits of a fast growing e-commerce sector. Having a point of sale financing solution allows your merchants to conduct more transactions. Merchants customers make purchases more often of higher volumes with a payment gateway financing solution.


↑ 10% Increase in Transactions


↑ 32% Increase in Cart Order Size




Users are looking for alternative ways to use e-commerce. We are seeing bigger and bigger demand for our products.

$500,000 +


We’ve paid out over half a million dollars to merchants

50 seconds

average checkout time

Customers can finance their checkout quicker than they can complete a purchase with a credit card. Now thats fast!


10,000 +

Cart Checkouts

The figures speak for them selves. Merchants customers love to finance their purchases.

100 +


We are partnering with some of the most exciting e-commerce companies in East Africa



We can help you unlock an opportunity bigger than anything you thought possible. The sky is the limit.

Customer Journey


“Umba is one of those special companies where a great team identify an unaddressed need in a rapidly growing market segment.

E-Commerce in Africa is one of the fastest growing market segments in the world and following the success of Jumia we believe there will be many more big winners to come that enable this continued growth. POS credit being a vital component of that story.” 

Finn Murphy, Frontline Ventures