A fresh approach to finance

At umba, our products are designed to cater for everyone, on their schedule. For a lot of our customers, that means having no credit file or existing financial footprint. We use alternative data to offer financial products that are automated, robust and customer friendly without the cost and hassle of typical banks.


Underwriting in an instant

Our platform used bleeding edge techniques to analyse customer data to calculate loan eligibility. Our proprietary algorithms use machine learning to assess thousands of data points to create a bespoke loan offer in under a minute.


how umba works


1. Download

the umba app

Use your Android phone to download umba from the Google Play store here.

2. Create

your account

Fill out a simple form in under 30 seconds and submit for a quick review.


3. Apply

for the loan that meets your needs

Loans are conveniently sent to your mobile money or bank account within minutes.

4. Receive

the loan into your account

Repay the loan with your mobile money account. Repay on time to unlock larger loans.



Safe and secure

All the data we collect is encrypted and protected. We use bank grade security to protect your data. We ensure our data protection methods are effectively communicated so you are always in control.



What we look at


Finance, made simple

We never want to see our customer in a tight spot. That's why we only charge what you see, no origination fees, transaction fees or late fees. We understand that life is never straightforward, but at least your finance platform is.


Ksh 250 - 70,000

Loan Amounts


Late/Rollover Fees

1% - 15%

Monthly Interest


4 - 68 weeks

Loan terms


Origination fees

12% - 180%

Equivalent APR