↑ 30% Increase Cart Size


↓ 32% Reduction in Cart Attrition


when you partner with umba, you’re in good company

umba is working with merchants in emerging markets helping them to realize the benefits from a fast growing e-commerce sector. With e-commerce growing more than 250% year on year you need to be able to convert as many customers as possible. Having a seamless finance solution at the point of sale allows you monetize customers you never before thought possible.



you keeping doing what you’re good at - selling product. We’ll do what we are good at - managing risk. We take the risk so you can take the sales


Immediate Payout

merchants get paid exactly like you would in a normal e-commerce relationship.


easy to integrate

we have worked out all the complexities so you don’t have to. get integrated with umba loanpay in under a day.


How it works

Step 1

Merchant receives full payment from umba.

Step 2

Merchant dispatches item to customer.

Step 3

umba assumes loan responsibilities with customer.



Users are looking for alternative ways to use e-commerce. We are seeing bigger and bigger demand for our products.

$500,000 +


We’ve paid out over half a million dollars to merchants

50 seconds

average checkout time

Customers can finance their checkout quicker than they can complete a purchase with a credit card. Now thats fast!


10,000 +

Cart Checkouts

The figures speak for them selves. Merchants customers love to finance their purchases.

100 +


We are partnering with some of the most exciting e-commerce companies in East Africa



We can help you unlock an opportunity bigger than anything you thought possible. The sky is the limit.


“The benefits are clear: increased sales, happy customers, and high-value transactions that may not have occurred without umba’s quick and discreet financing.” 

Neil O’Leary, Founder at MyDAWA