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We are dedicated to promoting business growth and employee productivity, with a unique set of feature offerings on both sides.

Savings Accounts

High interest savings accounts; allows users to set a fixed amount or % that gets deducted from their salary

Salary Advance

Allows users to draw down up to 50% of their accrued net salary any day of the month

Installment Loans

Allows users to borrow up to 3x of their monthly salary, 3- 9 months for as low as a 5% monthly rate

Link External Accounts

Seamless connection with secondary bank accounts.


Employee management dashboard with insights into employee financial health.

Automated Payroll

Cut down on admin hours with simple book-keeping and accounting.
Logbook Loan Calculator

Frequently asked questions

Who is Umba?
Umba is a digital bank operating in Kenya and Nigeria
What is Umba Business?
Umba Business is a business solution centered around payroll and employee financing.
What are the benefits of using Umba to the employees?
1. Savings account with interest rate
2. Cashback on bills payment
3. Salary allocation settings
4. Salary advance
5. Installment loans and lots more
How much salary advance can an employee get?
An employee can request up to 50% of their net salary per month.
What is the pricing and duration for installment loans?
Employees can get up to 3x their net pay per month and pay back within 3-9 months
What is the interest rate?
It is 5% interest rate for the salary advance & 5% per month for the installment loans.
What happens if a staff resigns while still making loan repayments?
The lending relationship always resides between Umba and the lender. If the lender left the business it would be up to the lender to repay the Umba facility through an alternative payment method and schedule agreed by Umba and the lender.
Does the Umba system generate payroll slips?
Yes a pay slip will be automatically generated by the system and sent to the employee.
Do employees have to get paid into the Umba account?
Employees can choose where they want to get paid whether Umba accounts or non-Umba accounts. However, they need Umba accounts to enjoy the benefits available with Umba.
Who can I contact for support?
Our customer Customer Experience team are always on hand to assist with any issues

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