Kenya launch! New year, new market 🎉

January 23, 2023
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Kenya launch! New year, new market 🎉

Your bank should always have your back, taking the stress out of finance so you can focus on the right things. That’s why we’re here. Make seamless transactions, pay bill bills, and get loans and cash backs, all from your phone.

After a lot of hard work and months of ideating, planning, and building, we’re launching our services in Kenya! We are excited to serve you and keep growing our community 🚀.

With our acquisition of Daraja Microfinance Bank we can now offer full banking services in Kenya, including KDIC-insured current accounts, interest-bearing savings accounts, lending, and payments.

This is an exciting time for Umba and in fintech history since mobile money has enabled a major shift in the delivery of financial services in Sub-Saharan Africa. In terms of mobile money accounts per capita (including registered and active accounts), mobile money outlets, and volume of mobile money transactions, SSA leads the globe. As a result, the area has surpassed the rest of the world in terms of mobile money innovation, adoption, and usage, with nearly 40 of the 45 Sub-Saharan African nations actively utilizing fintech services.

Our main goal has always been keeping our customers happy and solving their financial needs, and now, thanks to you, we have the opportunity to make this happen in Kenya. It’s inspiring to become multi-market and extend our product offering to more people, making it possible to contribute to financial inclusion in Africa.

The first App version with Kenya support has been released and includes Umba Wallet, P2P payments, M-Pesa cash in/out, and Umba Business.

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